9 Travel Accessories You Wish You Had Known Before

July 6th, 2016 by admin

July 6th, 2016 by admin

It is always exciting when it comes to that time of year when we go on holiday. We are usually full of anticipation and excitement for the places we will be visiting, the people we will be meeting, the different foods we will be enjoying and the new adventures we will be experiencing.  

That's all good news, however travelling does not come hassle free. There are various useful inventions (some perhaps quite odd) that can somewhat improve our travel experience.  Read below to discover the 9 travel accessories you have always dreamed of... 

The unmissable travel accessories you can't live without!

1.Mask to Protect your face from the sun 

We all know that sun is harmful for our skin and increases the ageing process, for this reason we must ensure that we protect ourselves with sunscreen. We should pay particular attention to our face where premature ageing is visible first. But with thanks to this 'unique' travel accessory - you will be able to fully protect your face from those harmful UVA rays. 

This absurd invention of the 'Face-kini' derives from China, where the desire for a pale, white complexion is an obsession. 


2.Portable washing machine 

This amazing invention allows you to wash your clothes whilst on holiday. The portable washing machine will be one way of ensuring you do not over-pack your suitcase!

travel accessories -portable washing machine

3.Sand-free beach towel 

You will no longer have to worry about emptying an entire beach worth of sand into your cabin, hotel room or your car, thanks to this amazing sand resistant beach towel invented by an Australian entrepreneur. The towel is made of a unique fabric which stops sand granules embedding onto the foundation of the towel. 

4.Magic flip-flops 

Always worried about the safety of your money or keys on the beach? Worry no more as a solution to this does exist. Introducing the flip flops with a secret internal pocket to store cash, credit cards or keys to keep your belongings safe so you can relax on the beach with peace of mind. 

travel accessories- flip flop

5.Portable charger for your mobile 

Whilst travelling we rely on our phones in case we get lost or need to make an urgent call. So what happens if your battery on your phone dies whilst out on a day excursion? An unmissable travel accessory has to be the mobile phone portable charger. Ensure you have done some research on a quality charger as you may find some 'bargains' may not last as long as they say. 

6.Electronic luggage scale 

The electronic luggage scale is an easy way to check your luggage weight in advance to avoid wasting precious time at the baggage drop off point. It is always stressful to wait for the fatal verdict: is your luggage in line with the necessary recommendations?! This piece of equipment will ensure your holiday runs smoothly from the get go. 

7.Waterproof phone case  

This is one of the most useful gadgets for the summer, it could even save you hundreds of pounds! Simply buy your case according to the model and brand of your phone and continue using your phone with peace of mind. 

travel accessories -phone case

8. Foldable flat shoes 

These women's shoes are amazing and save up a lot of space in your luggage. They are also very handy as you can pop them into your clutch bag before your night out and simply swap your high heels for a comfortable pair of flats for the walk home. 

9.Hoodie + blindfold + travel pillow 

It is not easy to sleep while travelling, perhaps your neck is in discomfort, there is too much light, or you are cold. For all these three problems there can be just one solution - an ion! This amazing product will protect you from the light, keep you warm and support your head. How did we travel without one of these?!

travel accessories -hoodie pillow




Image courtesy of telegraph.co.uk, slotflops,Chris Hindley

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