Azura ship review

November 1st, 2016 by Natasha Harvey

November 1st, 2016 by Natasha Harvey


Date: 21/10/2016 

Reason for being on board: Ship visit

Who are you?  Jordan Surry, Sales Consultant at Ocean World Travel

Name of the ship: Azura

Cruise line: P&O

P&O cruises


  • CREW MEMBERS  1,250
  • GROSS TONS  115,055

Azura ship review- A family-friendly social paradise at sea

Food: The food was great! A good choice and brought out in a timely manner. It was also very well presented.

Entertainment: A good choice, however we didn’t really receive much information on this topic.


Facilities: Great facilities! Azura had a nice open gym, with lots of spa treatments including lots of massage rooms, lots of different bars and restaurants that would cater for a wide audience and a very well kept play area for the children.

Cabins: The cabins all looked very well kept and were all of a decent size including the single cabins.


Balcony cabin

Type of decor: The cabins were fairly modern, however the bed sheets and curtains were not so modern.

Courtesy of the staff: The staff were very friendly and attentive. They were very helpful and attentive at the lunch service, constantly topping up drinks and asking if they could get us anything else. They were also very accommodating.

What did you like most of this ship?: The coral pool was amazing, very spacious and nice pool. I also really liked the Malabar as I liked the fact it had a very warm and cosy appearance. Again, it have a very large amount of space. For me the bar really stood out over the others as it had a very different appearance/theme.



What did you like least of this ship? I did not like the inside cabins as they were very claustrophobic and dark.

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