Celebrating a birthday on a cruise is a wonderful way to rejoin family and friends. A birthday party cruise is also the perfect way to make this life event unforgettable.

Celebrating on a cruise offers  plenty of options to tailor the party to your wishes. So close your eyes and wonder about azure seas, blue skies, wild nature, tropical animals and historical beauties…

birthday party cruise

Birthday party cruise: What  can you get onboard?

A birthday party cruise can be organised according to your desires. Furthermore, cruise lines propose a variety of options according to their own policies. We can help you to get all the options from the top cruise lines to make all your desires true.

  • Special dining: We have provided all the options available from  the top cruise lines to make it easier for you to decide how to celebrate your birthday on board.
  • Private party: on a birthday party cruise you can organise a private party with music and drinks exclusively for your guests.
  • Special gifts to your cabin:  Have fine chocolates and champagne delivered to your cabin upon your arrival to ensure you set off to an unforgettable start to your holiday.You can make it that bit more special and even ask for flowers and nibbles to your cabin.
  • Free onboard spend: this is an added extra for the special person. They can treat themselves to a SPA session or some on board shopping.
  • On board activities: thanks to the onboard activities available such as: movies, theatre productions, lessons, fine dining, art galleries, sport activities and much more, your depending on the cruise line.
  • Celebrate in the places you have always wanted to visit: on a birthday cruise you get the chance to celebrate in the country of your choice.

birthday party cruise

How to organise a birthday party cruise?

For your unique birthday party cruise you should first think of the fundamental things you want for your party, perhaps an exotic destination to visit, fine cuisine, free drinks or unlimited room service. Make a full list of all your requirements, then contact us and we will be happy to help.

We will ask you about the big day; your budget, the destination, the number of people and exactly what you desire. After that, we will look into the actual offers of the cruise lines and our special discounts to help you get the best value for money. We will come up with various different options and you can select the best one for you.

Keep in mind that river cruises are another fantastic option. We can guide you through the best offers to ensure you have a six star birthday.

birthday party cruise