Cruising from Southampton is the most recommended option either to discover the world or for a mini cruise in Europe: Southampton is in fact the most important European port for cruises.

The historical city of Southampton has always played an important role in the UK thanks to its fervent maritime industry, for this reason the city offers also cultural attractions that you can discover prior to departure.

Yet Southampton is also a modern city with nice spots, such as bars, shops and restaurants: it certainly represents the ideal starting point for your holiday.

Cruising from Southampton to discover the world 

Please make a wish: it will come true. Cruising from Southampton allows you to choose any destination in the world. Southampton is the gateway to the world, you can easily discover one or more of the five continents from the comfort of your cabin.

Moreover, the city is conveniently located and can be accessed by car, train, bus or plane.

Cruising from Southampton made easy with OWT

When you book a cruise with Ocean World Travel our dedicated team will assist you throughout your journey. When cruising from Southampton, for example, we can provide solutions for parking, hotel stay and transfers.

At Ocean World Travel, we have been in the cruising industry for 20 years, we proudly can say that we are the South coast leading cruise agency.
Do you need help in planning your cruise? Contact us and we will be able to select the best options according to your requirements. Remember that when you book with Ocean World Travel you are entitled to special discounted prices.

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