Cultural cruises incorporate learning experiences into the classical way of cruising. It is interesting how something like cruising which is considered traditional, can evolve and adapt to fulfil different needs over time. At the moment we have two innovative cruising styles. Action-packed cruise holidays on the big ships with all sorts of activities on board such as cabaret, sky diving and aqua parks to keep customers of all ages entertained. And for a different style of cruise altogether there is of course the cultural cruise.

cultural cruises

Activities on cultural cruises

Cultural travelling is all about enriching yourself in an educational trip whilst being able to socialise and discover new countries.

Let’s discover the activities on offer with Cultural Cruises.

  • Excursions and tours: These are available on any cruise, yet on cruise lines more devoted to learning, excursions and tours are almost compulsory. In fact, on cultural cruise the excursions are often included as part of the overall cruise experience.
  • Guest speakers onboard and lecturers: guest speakers and lecturers can tackle a wide variety of topics including politics, art, society and history.
  • Port speakers: these assigned speakers are experts on the local port and they will be able to give passengers plenty of information about the port; shopping, restaurants and local attractions.
  • Destination speakers: these are similar to the port speakers. Destination speakers know all about the local city so guests can be informed about local attractions and activities to do even without joining a guided tour.
  • Classes onboard: on cultural cruises you can take up various courses, depending on the specific cruise line,these can vary from learning a new language to cookery courses.
  • Alternative learning classes: there are also other skills that can be acquired onboard. On almost any ship, you will find dance lessons, arts and crafts workshops, yoga and Pilates classes. You can always learn something new whilst travelling.

cultural cruises

Cultural cruises: The best cruise line

Here is a list of the best cruise lines to embark on for a cultural cruise. We would like to remind you that there are cruise lines that offer cultural cruises only and other companies which periodically offer themed cruises focused on cultural experiences.

Voyages to Antiquity: one of the best cruise lines for cultural cruises, if not the best. Learning activities and cultural discovery are the very centre of the cruising experience, they count on the help of decades of guest speakers including historians and professors from worldwide universities. In addition, excursions are included in the price of your cruise, as well as special evenings at ports, in fact, cultural tours at evenings are organized to augment the time spent on shore.

Voyages of Discovery: cruises by Voyages of Discovery allows guests to know as much information as possible about the local places they will be visiting thanks to an extensive program of guest speakers and lecturers at the ports.

Swan Hellenic: these small ship cruises focus on a comprehensive programme of excursions (these are unfortunately not included in the cruise price). They do however provide formative talks by experts free of charge.

Crystal Cruises: Provides a unique luxury cruising experience with particular attention to the learning aspects of cruising. You can find language lessons on board and specialty themed cruises; on themed cruises the cultural learning is enhanced with guest speakers and learning activities. Themes may include; film, theatre, music or food.

Fred. Olsen: All cruises with Fred. Olsen include at least some learning experiences. In fact, there are guest speakers on board, themed cruises and also some special cruises with free walking tours.

Saga Cruises: Saga Cruises offer a premium study package including a wide range of activities depending on the specific itinerary, for example whale watching and wine tasting.