Traveling by sea cruise is the ideal way to discover the world even in the presence of a disability. In fact, almost all the major cruise lines provide disabled cruisesThis means that there are special rooms and accessories, dedicated personnel on board and utmost care towards people with difficulties. 

disability cruisesHow cruise lines take care of the passengers with a diverse ability?

  • Adapted cabins and accessible staterooms which comply with the requirements of people with disability in terms of space and equipment (e.g. grab bars).
  • Hiring mobility equipment: some cruise lines provide the possibility to hire mobility equipment on-board
  • Special requirements: if you have special needs due to your conditions, cruise personnel may be able to satisfy your requirements.
  • Assistance at ports: even for accompanied disabled people it can be difficult to embark and disembark, there is no need to worry on cruise ships as there are dedicated personnel to help during those operations.
  • Safety guaranteed: cruise lines providing disabled cruises are aware of the greater number of personnel needed either in case of embankment or in an emergency situation.


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Disabled cruises: what you need to know…

The major cruise lines provide assistance to disables and help them to have a fantastic experience. When we talk about disabilities we include: mobility disabilities, visual and impairments related to the hearing and the sight, cognitive and intellectual disabilities.

In spite of all the assistance provided on board and on shore, disabled persons might still encounter some problems when travelling, for example on the excursions. For this reason, the cruise lines advised disables to be accompanied by a fully able-bodied person.

Another important thing to know is that disabled cabins tend to  be sold out very quickly so we recommend to book in advance. There is limited space for disabled passengers because each cruise lines has to ensure a certain number of employees in case of an emergency.

Furthermore, it might be complicated to single out the ships that are disable friendly, our team members will be happy to supply you with all the information needed and you can select the best option. We will be also able to provide you with a cruise insurance which cover 24 hours assistance.


Disabled cruises: the best top lines

P&O: with its excellent customer service and organization, the top line P&O welcomes people with disabilities in the best way.

Celebrity cruises: This luxurious cruise line provides wide corridors and fully-equipped staterooms.

Royal Caribbean: the big ships owned by this company has plenty of space to accommodate guests with disabilities.

Norwegian Cruise Line: with their keyword Freestyle cruising, the company provide assistance to disabled people.

Fred. Olsen: this company is recommended with some reserve. Although Fred. Olsen strives to welcome disable persons on its cruises, the adapted cabins available were not originally designed with the intent to host disabled people and for this reason some cabins may present some limitations. Pease ask for our assistance with choosing your cabin.