Expedition cruises are a different cruising experience which entails the discovery of an uncontaminated world accessible only to an elite of adventurers

The vessels used in expedition cruises are different from small ships, they are specifically built to face adverse coastline and weather conditions.

You can sail as a true explorer in inaccessible lands that you can visit only with experienced people: the atmosphere on board is casual and relaxed, you will also find equipment to facilitate the explorations and your cultural enrichment.

Are expedition cruises right for you?

Expedition cruises portray a total different style of cruising. The focus is not on a high end holiday but on an injection of pure energy. Expedition cruises are wild adventures suitable for the most energetic and dynamic people craving for adrenaline.

expedition cruises

On this type of cruise the  excitement of travelling reaches its maximum peak due to the unpredictability of the journey. In fact, it might happen that the extreme weather conditions force the trip to take another route.

We must remember that during expeditions you can always count on the help of the knowledgeable personnel trained to face this type of itinerary.

Joining an expedition cruise represents a totally mind blowing experience transporting you on a different reality. You will experience a set of different emotions and you will be amazed at the variety offered by Mother nature.

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Expedition cruises: The top destinations

On expedition cruises you can discover a side of the nature you would never imagine. Let’s see some of the destinations of expedition cruises.

  • Artic cruises: Discover seals, polar bears and meet the local. There are many different spots to scout including Siberia and Alaska.
  • Antarctic cruises: penguins and unforgettable frost landscapes. You can enjoy marvelous hikes on a frosty deserted landscape.
  • Greenland & Iceland: adventurous trips on the same path as the Vikings.
  • The Amazon: in this side of the world where the time seems to have stopped, you can enjoy walks throughout the so called green lung of the globe, the rain-forest or meet local people.
  • Australia & New Zeland: the majesty of rock views and wild vegetation. Plus, the amazing underwater experiences such as exploring the great barrier reef.
  • The Galapagos Islands: expeditions of these islands located at the equator whose observation inspired Darwin to elaborate his evolutionary theory.

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