Are you looking for inspirations for your holiday? Cruising is getting more and more popular among families, most of the top cruise lines provide many activities, spaces and offers dedicated to families.

family cruises

You might think that cruising a rather sophisticated way of holiday and that it is not suitable to children and adolescences: those perceptions are no longer true. You will be surprised about how the cruise industry is constantly evolving and adapting to any requirement.

Here are a few considerations that demonstrate that a holiday on a cruise is ideal for your family:

  •  Any age is welcomed aboard: activities are designed and organized according to the age groups.
  • Socializing has never been so easy: children are encouraged to make friends and interact with each other.
  • New experiences guaranteed: ships provides great entertainments, workshops and facilities which you do not get the chance to experience daily.
  • Time flexibility: some cruises entail flexible times for dining in order to make it easier for families to get organised.
  • All inclusive packages: often cruise lines offer all inclusive packages customised for children.
  • All the food your children love
  • Family staterooms: special accommodation for families so you can spend time together day and night.
  • Protected & safe environment with qualified personnel: More freedom for your kids and for you: you can enjoy activities all together but you can also rely on baby sitting services to take time for yourself.
  • Save money: many cruise lines offer deals for families and kids and pay less when cruising thanks to special packages. Contact us to find out about the latest deals.

family cruises

Family cruises: a unique way to discover the world

Family cruises are packed with entertainment, breath taking activities, learning experiences and so on. A cruise can be compared to a long journey on a fun fair and we guarantee that it is even more exciting than that.

What’s in a cruise ship for families?
If you have never experienced a cruise before, take a look at the variety of fun you could have on a cruise ship: you can really make you and your children happy.

family cruises

  • Children’s clubs: almost every cruise line organise children’s clubs where kids can have fun and interact with children from the same age group.
  • Workshops & classes: cruising represents an occasion to acquire new skills. Your children can have fun by attending arts & craft workshops for example or by taking hip hop classes.
  • Movies & cartoons: Enjoy a movie for all the family it is possible also on a cruise, there are plenty of choices such as the 4D Cinema, late night movies or watching a movie inside a pool.
  • Food for kids: not only sophisticated food by star rated chefs, there are also savory dishes thoughts for kids such as pasta, pizza, ice cream. In some ships there is also the possibility to dine whenever it suits your family schedule.
  • Amusement rides: some cruise ships are comparable to a cruise fun fair, even parents have fun by accompanying  their children. Can you figure out the excitement of a ride on the roller-coaster on the ocean?
  • Aqua park & swimming pools: children love being in contact with the water. On a cruise ship there are plenty of occasions to swim and enjoy oneself through water games.
  • Digital games: there are also activities for the most high tech kids, they can experiment the virtual world through simulators or play with the Xbox or the ever popular video games.
  • Sports: families get limited chances to enjoy sports together, on a cruise ships families can learn the beauty of exercising.
  • Parties & events: also children deserve to have special nights, that is why there are themed parties available to make their holiday unforgettable. There are also night clubs for kids.
  • Shows for kids: pirates, witches, magicians and genes, the characters from kids’ show are very enjoyable even for adults.
  • Ashore activities for families: remember that the fun is not only on board, family activities continue onshore. Cruising is the perfect way to trying out new experiences such as rowing.
  • Night nursery & babysitting: cruising is a desirable option also for families with very young children, cruise lines provide qualified members of staff  to take care of your children when you relax at a SPA or on a special evening.

Top cruise lines for family cruises

As said earlier almost any ship and cruise line provide some sort of entertainments for families. However, there are some cruise lines which are more organised and committed than others to families.

family cruises

  • P&O: Incredible choice of places to eat that kids would love. A lot of spaces allotted to the leisure activities for families and also great choice of pools.
  • Princess Cruises: The cruise line reserves a noticeable space to  the sport facilities dedicated to children. Also the pools
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: a learning academy for children onboard who can learn and socialise at the same time. The cruise company provides also very good cabin for families.
  • Disney cruise line: in order to have a holiday on a themed park the Disney cruise line is often the best choice, children will be amazed at the selection of shows for them.
  • Royal Caribbean: the modern and entertaining large ships provided by the cruise lines allows a big section of space to be dedicated to children. In addition, the Royal Caribbean’s kids clubs is one of the most accredited.