When it comes to selecting golden wedding anniversary gift ideas the options are endless. However, the most successful gifts are always oriented towards experiences rather than material gifts, such as travels, lessons, fine dining etc.

Certainly one of the most recommended golden wedding anniversary gift ideas are cruises. The reasoning is pretty straightforward: going on a cruise is a sort of second honey moon and it is a sustainable way of traveling at any stage of life.

golden wedding anniversary

Cruising for the 50th wedding anniversary is an original gift and offer a wide range of stimuli. The cruise experience is peppered with intimate moments, and entertaining activities outside the ordinary life, but also relaxing time together and absolutely lush dining options.

On a cruise a couples are able to discover each other and live stress free moments while travelling, experiencing new culture and indulge on luxurious experiences.

Cruises are particularly recommended also because they provide an easy way to see the world even for elderly couples, who love to travel and get to know peers at the same time.

Additionally, cruise lines are very keen on offering an enchanting atmosphere packed with surprises and treats for the celebrating couples so it is also very easy to recreate a unique experience.

 Golden wedding anniversary gift ideas: The top cruise lines for the occasion

anniversary cruise

Princess cruises: Princess cruises are one of the most recommended cruise line for couple in generals, they try their best to provide you with an unforgettable celebration for a 50th Anniversary, in fact, the package can be customized.

Cunard: with its Gift and little luxuries package, Cunard offers an unforgettable anniversary.

Celebrity cruises: for the most active couples, seeking an alternative way of cruising, Celebrity cruises is the best option which promise you a special experience with its celebration packages where you can select custom cake, champagne and chocolate.

Norwegian Cruise line: NCL  goes the extra mile for celebrations and anniversaries, in fact, it offers a wide choice of Romance packages, including SPA sessions for two, romantic dinners, breakfast in bed etc.

Fred. Olsen: extra treats available for 50th wedding anniversary also at Fred. Olsen with its classy English luxury cruising.


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