Harmony of the Seas – Cruise Ship Review

August 6th, 2016 by Francesca Bandini

August 6th, 2016 by Francesca Bandini

Dates:  20-22 May 2016

Reason for being on board:  Pre-inaugural sail

Who are you?  Francesca from Ocean World Travel

Name of the ship:  Harmony of the Seas

Cruise line:  Royal Caribbean International

Harmony of the Seas review: I have been one of the first people onboard!

Food:  the food has been excellent everywhere, I have been eating snacks and main meals in the following venues: the main restaurant,  the buffet area, the Solarium eatery, the Pizzeria,  the Promenade café, the Central Park Café and the SPA bar. Just as a reminder Starbucks coffee is served onboard in specific locations.

group dinner harmony of the seas review

Ocean World Travel team at the main restaurant

Entertainment:  the entertainment can be described  with only one word breathtaking. There are many things to do on board, for example there are a great variety of outdoor activities, such as minigolf, a basketball court, waterpark, various themed park style attractions, including the terrific Ultimate Abyss slide (a really scary and tall slide!). As for the live sessions, the Grease Musical has been most acclaimed and the Jazz bar offers high quality performance and a relaxed atmosphere. The water theatre and the ice rink are the other two spectacular venues for entertainment. Plus may bars and lounges, such as the Latin music bar or the karaoke bar. There is literally no time to get bored on board.

Facilities:  The level of the facility is stunning, there is everything you can wish for. For example, the gym is well equipped and spacious, it counts 5 different rooms, the SPA is rich in offers and packages. The venues for drinking and eating are endless, another very impressive venue is the Alice in Wonderland inspired restaurant that allows to customise your dishes. There are some really distinctive features such as the menu that appears only if the surface is wetted with a brush, also the décor of this space is surreal with handmade drawings in the walls and a magic golden door.

Cabins: I stayed on a balcony cabin which was stunning. The room had abundant walking space, a sofa and ample storage, the bathroom was quite compact however this was compensated by the big balcony furnished with two comfy chairs and a table.

We were lucky enough to take a tour  of other cabins.I was particularly impressed with the family cabin and the suite. The family stateroom we saw featured two bathrooms, one of which ensuite with bath,  two bedrooms and a very large living room with sofa and table. 
The suite was in a similar style with a much larger living area with a spacious dining table and a lot of storage space. The décor of all the above staterooms was extremely similar, very high standard furniture and accessories.


Type of décor:  modern/contemporary décor. All the furniture onboard is extremely high quality, from the bed frames to the armchairs in the restaurants. The design is really appealing and elegant.

majesic car harmony of the seas review

Courtesy of the staff:  superb. All the staff has been always extremely polite and nice.


What did you like the most of this ship?

Central Park: this is one of the nicest spaces of the ship. This outside promenade resembles a park, with all its plans it is so realistic that you don't have the impression of being on a ship: It is a relaxing place adorned with nice cafes and restaurant. This is the ideal spot to sit and read the newspaper in the morning.

Escape the Rubicon Puzzle: this is a game for adults that consists of a puzzle to be solved within one hour in a group. It is an extremely intense experience, absolutely phenomenal that teaches you the importance of teamwork and the fact that our brain is far more powerful than we think.

Escape the room_Puzzle break

Our team after the game

What did you like the least of this ship?
Many fun activities cannot be performed if the weather is not nice, such as the Ultimate Abyss slide, I believe there is room for improvements to get some of the most exciting features of this ship weather proofed.

Pizza in the Sorrento pizzeria, here you  can have a slice of pizza. Despite being called after a city from the South of Italy, the pizza is not really Italian: it would be nice if RCI could create a more authentic pizza.



Harmony of the Seas

francesca bandini harmony of the seas review


  • CREW MEMBERS 2,100
  • GROSS TONS 227,000

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