It is certainly possible to enjoy your holiday on a health and fitness cruise. This does not mean the holiday has to be less fun, in fact it could be just the experience for you to try out breath taking experiences and embrace a more balanced lifestyle. 

There are various options for health and fitness cruises, you can go for a more DIY approach following the HOW TO, below, or you can pick one of the more recommended cruise lines.

How to… health and fitness cruises

Embarking on health and fitness cruises is not the easiest of the choice if you do not have a strong will power and a can do attitude.

How to be determined and be healthy on a cruise? Read these suggestions and stay positive for a rejuvenating holiday.

health and fitness cruises

  • Salad rule: eat a salad every day, by salad we mean a light lunch and have a dinner with plenty of greens and a low calorie seasoning, or just vinegar and olive oil!
  • Fruits made lush: on cruise ships you can easily find exotic and very dainty fruits that you would not normally eat at home. Eat plenty of fruit, especially for breakfast to get plenty of energy for the rest of the day.
  • Don’t make exercise optional: to keep it healthy you need a light dose of exercise every single day, even if you are on holiday, because this will improve your happiness. In fact, research shows the strong connection between good mood and physical activity. If you take part in excursions you wont need to exercise as much, otherwise you are advised to take a walk on the promenade of the deck or go to the gym for a light session.
  • SPA is a must try: you should indulge in a SPA session at least once during your holiday, depending on the cruise line there are various options available, you can opt for a detox session or just unwind in the sauna.
  • Yoga and gym classes are a good way to keep fit: taking up yoga or other fitness classes are a good way to keep motivated and also to meet people.

Health and fitness cruises: best cruise lines

As said, you can cruise healthily on almost any cruise line, however there are some cruise lines that are geared more to health-conscious cruisers.

health and fitness cruises

MSC Cruises: The Italian cruise line. Apart from paying attention to a healthy and balanced Mediterranean diet, MSC provides special packages for fitness minded individuals; the fitness package even includes the option to get your gym kit washed daily

Holland America Line: They are remarkable not only for the sport facilities on board but for their attention to the freshness of ingredients. Holland America at the beginning of 2016 started a partnership with the Herb Specialist Koppert Cress that enables to grow lettuce and other edible green leaves onboard; this is where the creation of the farm to table experience originated from.

Norwegian Cruise Line: The cruise line provides a great selection of activities on deck. In the action-packed Sports Complex there are plenty of sports activities, such as a ropes course, basketball court.

Celebrity Cruises: They offer a great variety of classes and also were one of the first to introduce healthy-eating cafes.

Royal Caribbean International: They are well known for the amazing ships rich in entertainments and sport facilities. Facilities vary depending on the ship, but you will always find something entertaining and fun to do. For example Harmony of the Seas, has a basketball court, mini golf, and a wave simulator. There is also the healthy dining option at the Solarium bistro with a great choice of vegetables and locally sourced ingredients. Royal Caribbean is also famous for the gym facilities, Harmony of the Seas’ gym has six rooms: one for cross trainers and treadmills, one for spinning, one for jogging, one for weights, one with rope facilities and one for floor exercises.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines: Did you know that on one of Fred. Olsen’s ships the nightclub was actually converted into a gym? Moreover, the line pays particular attention to the level of exercise performed by the guests, they also provide walking cruises for more active cruisers.

Princess Cruises: Fantastic gym equipment and plenty of options to keep up with fitness whilst on a Princess Cruises holiday. For example, they have a jogging track on deck with a phenomenal ocean view plus there are low calories options for dining.

Ready to embark on health and fitness cruises? Contact us to find out which cruise lines provide healthy options on your preferred time of travel.