Luxury cruises are everyone’s dream because they provide a unique experience of fine living whilst traveling around the globe and enriching the cultural baggage. 

luxury cruises

On luxury cruises, life acquires a different perspective: your ship is your floating palace and the personnel are ready to make you happy and satisfied. On this type of cruising, the stress-free voyaging acquires an even more accentuated meaning.


Luxury cruises: where luxury couples with culture

The word luxury might have a negative connotation as well, because it can be associated with opulence, superficiality and futility. The truth is that people do not normally go on luxury cruises to show off, but to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

luxury cruises

Luxury cruises are designed to make guests experience a truly unique holiday and to fulfil the dream of having everything need and desire.  However, this luxurious experience is not dominated purely by materialistic concepts. There is a profound attention to learning aspect and to the cultural enrichment.  For example, on luxury cruises the element of discovery is enhanced through personalized activities on shore, top world sites visits, guest speakers and tailored cultural entertainments.

Luxury cruises: The top cruise lines

Luxury cruises can be very different in quality. You can select various grades of luxury according to your needs: there are four star cruises, five star cruises and even the top superior Six-star cruises.

luxury cruises


Classifying the top luxury cruise lines is not straightforward because the luxuriousness depends on the characteristics of the individual shipcrew to passengers ratio and also the package chosen when the cruise has been booked. Nevertheless, we can mention some of the lines with the most luxurious cruise ships.

Oceania cruises: the key is in the complete custom experience for each guest, the focus is not on all inclusive packages but in individual choices.

Celebrity cruises: the modern luxury way of cruising, service at the highest standard.

Cunard: the traditional British way of cruising reproduced in contemporary era.

Regent Seven Seas: with all sea facing cabins and incredible inclusive package, Regent Seven Seas it is by far one of the most chosen luxury companies.

Seabourn: the personnel take care of the guest very assiduously, plus the small details are really considered, such as the selection of soaps on cabins.

Voyages to Antiquity: the cultural aspect is stressed in every manner, the high class service is the perfect compliment.

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