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August 11th, 2016 by Francesca Bandini

August 11th, 2016 by Francesca Bandini

pool nautica ship review

Date:  4 August 2016 

Reason for being on board:  Ship visit 

Who are you?  Francesca from Ocean World Travel 

Name of the ship:  Nautica 

Cruise line:  Oceania 

Nautica ship review: your home away from home 

Food:  amazing. Oceania is one of the most prize cruise lines for food as they select all the ingredients with maximum care. For example their beef is widely known: it's a premium cut and dry-aged for 28 days, the results of this meticulous process are really worth it, the meat can be cut with a spoon.  
I had a sumptuous and memorable lunch and the pictures definitely don't do enough justice. 

Entertainment:  since the ship is smaller, the entertainment space is resized, the main venue for entertainment is the theatre which hosts numerous representations, cabaret and music but unfortunately not west end shows. 


Facilities:  the facilities onboard are really great, there is everything you could ever wish for. Oceania pays particular attention to the dining venues, in fact, it is one of the most appreciated cruise line by foodies. The specialty dining restaurants are free of charge, and even in smaller ships there is still a great choice. On Nautica you can eat at the Polo grill, where the memorable steak is cooked together with various surf and turf dishes and healthy options, Toscana, the Italian restaurant; for a more laid back restaurant the Waves grill, where you will find typical American diner food and finally the Terrace Café, a waited-on buffet. 
Another great venue is the library, a jewel with its frescos and the beautiful fireplace and comfortable seats. 

Cabins: they are quite spacious and fully accessorized, the quality of the furnishings are unbelievable and the balconies are spacious. 
The suites are very traditional and sweet in style, they resemble a Venetian style.

Also in this ship the quality of the matrasses is remarkable as it is particularly studied to guarantee a good night sleep. They are now for sale since their popularity. 

Type of décor:  traditional décor, very different from the contemporary luxury interiors of Marina. The décor resembles a home away from home much like a classical retreat in the countryside. 

Courtesy of the staff:  superb. 

What did you like the most of this ship?  
Some spaces are really well studied and cozy, such as the library. I absolutely loved the steak as well. 

library nautica ship review


What did you like the least of this ship?  

Some of the cabins' décor, it felt a bit too traditional to me, but I am sure there are many people who find it extremely good. 

Oceania Logo


  • ENTERED SERVICE  July 31, 1999  
  • Refurbished 2014 
  • GROSS TONS  30,277


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