Saga Sapphire – Cruise Ship Review

December 14th, 2016 by Matthew Bayford

December 14th, 2016 by Matthew Bayford



Date: 24/10/2016 

Reason for being on board: Agent ship visit

Who are you?  Jordan Surry

Name of the ship: Sapphire

Cruise line: Saga

Saga Sapphire

Food: The food was lovely however the salad dish was not at the same standard as the other dishes. it was plain and boring. All the other courses were full of flavor and very nice. There was a good choice and its was all brought out in a timely manner. They had a good size portions and a lovely restaurant.

Entertainment: I did not think there was much entertainment on this ship, we didn’t really speak much about this topic but there was a big area for ballroom dancing but didn’t seem to have much else.

Facilities: I did not think there were many facilities to choose from on this ship. They did have a nice spa retreat, however the gym was very small and the upstairs pool area was small and sheltered from the sun. I do not feel that there would be much to do if you were away at sea for a long time.

Cabins: The cabins were a little dated, however they all had a great deal of space. The bathrooms were a lot more modern looking compared to the cabins. The whole ship including the cabins were a little dark. I did like the fact that all cabins received complimentary 24-hour room service.

Type of décor: It was all fairly dated with simple pale colours.

Courtesy of the staff: The reception staff didn’t seem to helpful, however the waiters were very attentive and professional. All the staff looked very smart.

What did you like the most of this ship? I liked the fact the rooms were all a good size. I also liked the main restaurant as it was very big, bright and spacious, its lovely that you can have dinner whilst looking out at the views. The table were all so well presented.

What did you like the least of this ship? My main dislike would be that I thought that there wasn’t much to do onboard and a lack of facilities. I also didn’t like that even though most of the ship was white or painted with light colors, it still seemed very dark in most places. I felt that the ship lacked personality. I personally think it didn’t have anything that grabbed my attention or that stood out.


  • GROSS TONS  37,300


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