Singles cruises are a very good option to have a good holiday time without feeling lonely. Almost all the top cruise lines organise cruises dedicated also to single travellers. You can find special events, or meeting point for singles that foster the interactions: On single cruises it is easy to socialise and meet like minded people.

In addition, onboard there are so many activities to do that you will never get the impression of being on your own.
And onshore the guided excursions give you another opportunity to be in contact with the rest of the travellers.

singles cruises

Embrace the freedom of being single and sail on the next cruise.

Singles cruises: the joys of being a solo traveler

Singles cruises are the ideal way of having fun in spite of departing on your own.
On a cruise ships you will be able to adjust your timetable, in fact, if it is true that you have a lot of opportunities to get to know other people, it is also true that you may wish to spend some time by yourself. For example, you can relax at the SPA, you can take your morning swim or go to yoga classes.


Solo travelling entails much more flexibility compared to group cruises without any doubt and on a cruise you constantly have the available option to spend your time with someone or be on your own.

As said earlier, all the top cruise lines adapted to the increase demands for singles cruises, and for this reason single cabins are often available or the supplement for solo travel is sensibly reduced.

Singles cruises: What are the best cruise lines to consider?

In order to have an idea of the cruises more popular within singles in your preferred period we advise you to contact our members of staff that can advise you best.

However, broadly speaking we can say that there are some cruise lines more single friendly than others: most of those offer low or no supplement for single travellers.

So pick out your destinations and contact us.