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What’s new on P&O Cruises? Things you must know!

December 16th, 2016 by Francesca Bandini

We all know that P&O Cruises is building the biggest ship for the UK market ever conceived, meanwhile the Brits favourite cruise line is still investing in renewing life on board to make it exciting for past guests too.

Are you aware of the new shows onboard? Or the gastronomic experiences available on the Gala Dinner menu? Not yet? Read our article to find out more of the exclusive previews announced during a function in London last month. Discover what’s new on board P&O Cruises.

Exciting news on board P&O Cruises…

  • New exciting show on board Arcadia: “Money Makes The World Go Round” the show will hit the stage at the end of November and will be mainly based on a cabaret scene. The plot is all about Lily, a young country girl who moved into town and get involved in the cabaret scene, where she met her love Harry, but their love story is signed by adversity. Who knows if love will win? Ruthie Henshall, one of the Britain’s most acclaimed West End show performers put the show in place in record time. Ruthie is working as producer and commented: “To now be wearing a different hat and overseeing the production from conception to launch is a dream come true. We have a superb team of award-winning professionals who are currently working on many of London’s biggest shows and I hope that by creating this show onboard Arcadia we are helping to shape the direction of new productions and bring a slice of the West End to the sea.”

show onboard P&O cruises news


  • New Gala Dinner Menu – destination led: Mytilene star rated, and much loved chef Marco Pierre White has been working on a new menu to bring on board. Local and specially selected ingredients are used to integrate these classic British dishes. The brand new menus will be available on all the ships during Gala dinner and include:

-Marco’s classic beef wellington with a wild mushroom and Medeira duxelles server with dauphinoise potatoes

-Salt Marsh lamp loin with mint, garlic and chicken mousseline

-Crispy pork cheek with chorizo patatas bravas

-Biscuite glacé- hazelnut parfait with raspberry coulis and almond tuile

Marco Pierre White stressed that the Gala night dinners have always been exceptional and they will always be now even more special thanks to the ports of call local products. In occasion of the presentation of the new menu during an event in London, we had the chance to try classic British pub food: sausage rolls and scotch eggs – nothing like the ones you have tasted before!

scotch eggs and sausage rolls P&O cruises news

  • Decadent chocolate Pavé Royal: Award-winning French pâtissier Eric Lanlard, has created a special indulgent chocolate cake to be featured on the special Chef’s dinner menu at the main restaurant. Eric Lanlard is already part of the P&O fleet as one of the Food Heros and commented: “I am so excited to be introducing P&O Cruises guests to my Pavé Royal, which combines my two passions chocolate and pastry…I hope guests love this dessert as much as I do”.

This mouthwatering cake is made with high quality ingredients only and contains: dark chocolate mousse, soft hazelnut meringue, crunchy praline wafer. The chocolate called Valrhona is very special as it is the favourite of the best pastry chef in the world.

  • New production on board Azura: “Evolution” is a brand new show that has just started on board launched by star Jonathan Wilkes. The show combines dancers, singers and also techno- visual effects. This futuristic  show is telling the story of the fight between the Fabricators and the Humanoids, the eternal quarrel will eventually be interrupted by the love explosion between the leader of Fabricators and a female humanoid. What will be the destiny of the world?

P&O Cruises senior vice president Paul Ludlow commented: “Evolution is unlike any other show we have shown on board. It is visually stunning, with mesmerizing dancing and will be a wholly immersive experience for our guests”

      • New SWIMMING LESSONS: in partnership with Mark Foster P&O Cruises will provide swimming lessons and more on larger ships.


Have you been on board yet? If you have tried any of the new experiences, please leave a comment. We would love to know your thoughts….



Photo credit: © Steve Dunlop Photography

Oriana, the most loved adult only P&O ship, will be refurbished in Hamburg at the end of this month. The refit will not erase Oriana’s heritage, in fact, everything will be done to preserve her magnificent Art Deco features. However, the other areas will be having fabulous makeovers by Richmond International, a very well-known firm who have designed some of the most prestigious hotels across the world. In fact, this upcoming refurbishment has been designed to enhance the luxuriousness of the ship, which was once the biggest in the world (how times have changed!).

Looking forward to seeing her sumptuous new fabrics, soft furnishings, carpets, furniture, lighting, and colour schemes? Take a sneak peek…

How Oriana will look like after the refit?

Cabins & Suites

At P&O they know how important it is to come back to a nice cabin after a long day ashore, for this reason they will be working towards a general upgrading of the cabins with a more elegant design and furniture or restoration of the furniture. There will also be general maintenance work on the balconies. Bathrooms will be refurbished as well to keep them up to standard.


The Peninsular & Oriental Restaurants

The restaurants are certainly the most frequented areas and a good refit is certainly needed. The main restaurants will be refreshed with a new colour palette, new carpets and curtains and an improved lighting scheme. P&O is making sure that these great social spaces continue to be every diner’s dream.

P&O Oriana refit


Salon, Spa & Gym

Cruising is all about getting pampered so the SPA area couldn’t escape the Oriana refit! The plan is to add new equipment and enrich the treatment offers, such as a pedicure station. All the existing areas, such as sauna, steam-room, whirlpool and changing room, will be modernised and given a fresher look. The gym area will also be improved with a new layout; and don’t forget the relaxation areas which will have new features in line with the theme such as flowers, plants and natural wood.


The Conservatory and The Beach House

Central areas of the ship including the Conservatory and The Beach House will be refreshed. They are perfect for a relaxed meal/snack or intimate dinner. In fact, P&O are planning to put in more tables for two. The new décor and lighting will certainly enhance these much-loved places.

oriana refit - conservatory and beach house

Anderson’s and Lord’s Tavern

This will be one of the most luxurious parts of the ship. The Anderson’s bar named after P&O founder Arthur Anderson will feature new stools, tables, rugs and lamps, and will be the ideal place for a pre-dinner aperitif or late night drink. Another favourite, the Lord’s Tavern, will go through an extensive refit. It will continue to feature the ever popular pub quiz and sport!

oriana refit - Anderson pub

Theatre Royal

The theatre is one of the most magic and important spaces of a cruise ship, therefore the Theatre Royal will also get a new look with re-upholstered chairs and new lighting and equipment during the Oriana refit.

We are really curious to see what the Oriana refit will look like. Despite the age, (22 years in service next year!), this is still one of the most enchanting ships of the P&O fleet. The best way for you to see this new elegant decor is by booking one of the cruises sailing in 2017. Why at take a look at the adventurous sailing to the Caribbean in January from Southampton?

P&O new cruise ship: plans unveiled

October 27th, 2016 by Francesca Bandini

P&O Cruises building a new cruise ship is not a secret, in fact she was ordered on the 6 September 2016, but the details haven’t been released yet, until yesterday 26 October 2016 during an exclusive event at The Sky Garden in London: we were amongst the first to hear about those new exciting plans of this iconic ship to be launched by 2020.


David Noyes, CEO Carnival UK. Stephen Mulhern. Paul Ludlow, Senior Vice President P&O Cruises – at The Sky Garden.

What will the new P&O ship will look like?

As we know, this will not only be the biggest ship of the fleet but also the biggest ship ever built for the UK market, however she aims at demystifying all the cliches of a big ship. In fact, she will be eco-friendly and will also feature a lot of intimate and private places. The new ship will be 180,000 tons with a capacity of 5200 guests. Despite the bigger size the attempt to make guests feel like they are at their British home will be kept, however some innovations were necessary to attract also the next generation of cruisers.

Let’s see all the new and amazing concepts that will be brought to this new and green ship.

  • Bringing the outside in: as the CEO of Carnival UK, David Noyes, said the effort throughout the ship is to bring the outside inside, so people can enjoy more stunning views and  feel the ocean.
  • Green cruising  design: the importance of delivering an environmentally friendly ship is the highest priority, in fact, the ship will be using liquefied natural gas (LNG) to generate the primary source of power either in port or at sea, by doing that the emissions will be significantly lowered.
  • The Dome: this already very appealing name will be the main stage for entertainment and also informal dining. What you will be able to see on the Dome? Very exciting shows and a new style of entertainment with aerial performances, projections on the roof. It will host: a pool with a retractable stage, water feature and whirlpools and obviously a majestic clear sky dome.
  • Bright Atrium: the heart of every ship is the Atrium where guests arrive and this is the chance to impress them, the Atrium will have a grand staircase and will be illuminated by natural light, thanks to the glass walls installed over 3 decks!
  • Extra luxury cabins: the cabin designed has been assigned to Acumen, a design company that worked on AirFrance first class, the innovative lie-flat beds by  British Airways and also the luxurious suites in the sky by Eithad Airways.
  • 17 venues for eating
  • 12 places to have a drink with a sea view
  • 7 speciality restaurants
  • 9 places for breakfast
  • 5 places for the much loved afternoon tea
  • 7 coffee places
  • 13 entertainment venues- from theatre to adult only venues
  • 16 whirlpools
  • 4 swimming pools
  • 3 pop-up spaces

P&O new ship is looking to the future guests

This new ship is not disregarding past guests, but aims at welcoming a new generation of British cruisers, for this reason some innovations were necessary to make sure the cruising experience is able to suit different likings.

Cruises will be on sale from Autumn 2018, meanwhile, do you know the name of the new ship?
Neither do we, because guests will decide the name of the P&O new cruise ship… How? Instructions to follow, soon!


More news from P&O Cruises

  • EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: New show on board in partnership with Jonny Wilkes

    • New SWIMMING LESSONS: in partnership with Mark Foster P&O Cruises will provide swimming lessons and more on larger ships

    • NEW SHOW PREVIEW: ‘lovely new on board show ‘Money makes the world go round’ by Ruthie Henshall





Photo credit: © Steve Dunlop Photography

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