Group cruise deals are easily accessible, all you need to do is gather your group of friends and decide to embark on a cruise together. In fact, cruise lines provide discounted rates for groups (depending on the size of the group). On top of this you can also receive discounts from your travel agent. The organization of your group holiday is a service we provide free of charge to help you find the best possible deal. It is always best to book  group deals through a travel agent as they will guide you through the possible options and inform you of all the benefits available.

But discounts are not the only reason why you should embark on a cruise for your group holiday. Continue the reading to find out all the benefits of cruising on a group…

Group cruise deals: the group holiday you wanted

There are many advantages in selecting a group cruise for your holiday. Discover all you need to know before setting sail.

  • All the planning is made easy: Prior to your cruise you will have the chance to add on any optional extras to you holiday including drinks packages, onboard spending credit and many more.
  • Extras included for you:If you have arranged with your travel agent for extras such as parking at the departure port, transfers to the airport or even transfers from your home to the port these will be included in your final price.
  • Cabins that suits your budget: Even if you are travelling in a group, everyone is able to choose a cabin grade which suits their individual needs and budget.
  • Everyone is happy: With so many various different activities on board such as; sports, theatres, movies, SPAs, swimming, social activities and arts and crafts everyone’s needs will be satisfied. If you are travelling as a group remember to set specific times to meet up so you can enjoy some of the activities on offer together.

group cruise deals

  • Eating together: groups have the possibility to dine together  the same table, so there is no need to worry about the assigned seats.
  • Group drink packages: These deals can vary depending on which cruise line you are travelling with.  As a rule of thumb you get discounted drink package for groups to ensure everyone has a great time.
  • Group of families travel together easily: Organizing a group holiday with children is not always easy as children of different ages have different needs and interests. On your ship you will find activities for all ages; from dance workshops and sport activities to nursery. Every member of your family will enjoy themselves.
  • Tailor made parties: If you are celebrating a special occasion onboard your cruise such as a birthday or even a stag or hen do, you may want to think about arranging this prior to your departure to ensure everything is prepared just how you want it.
  • Excursions pre-booked:if you would like to participate in any of the excursions available you can book these in advance to ensure your group holiday runs smoothly.
  • Splitting bills made easy: When it comes to paying as part of a group it can sometimes get fairly complicated. However, on a cruise each group member can pay their own bill. In addition, all bills from restaurants and bars can be included in the all inclusive packages.


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