Mini cruises are the ideal way to take a break from your daily routine and embrace a different lifestyle for a few days.

Mini cruises have a different duration from one night up to five nights, in spite of the short time it is possible to view more than one city and have a fantastic relaxed time. Obviously, your itinerary will be restricted by your preferred departure port.  

mini cruises

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Mini cruises:  9 times to go

Mini cruises are a way to discover the world on a smaller scale, whereas world cruises offer a long journey around the globe: the two are opposite but they have also different scopes.
So when to go on a mini cruise?

  • First time cruisers: mini cruises offer a taste of the whole cruising experience and therefore you can find out if you love cruises or not
  • Bank holiday or weekends: the bank holiday time is ideal for a quick getaway on a relaxed cruise. The same applies for weekends.
  • Cruising at a budget: lessen the days at sea, and lessen the cost of the cruise, for this reason you may wish to have an extra cruise holiday this year at a cheaper price.
  • Luxury cruises: luxury cruising becomes more affordable when it comes to a shorter trip so you can treat yourself on a five or six-star cruise.
  • Stag and hen do: a mini cruise is ideal also for parties where fun, relaxation and uniqueness are the keywords.
  • Celebrations: for anniversaries, birthdays or other special occasions a river cruise may be the perfect gift for unforgettable moments.
  • River cruises: mini cruises are not necessarily on the deep sea, in fact, many river cruises are short in length so it could be a great experience to try when you do not have many spare days.
  • Cruise whilst on holiday: you can embark on a mini cruise while you are already on holiday in another country. A mini cruise might be a good way to discover less accessible places and enchanting landscapes.

mini cruises weekend

  • Last minute deals: if you decide to spoil your self with a brief but intense holiday you can take advantage of the last minute deals on mini cruises. You can cruise by paying as little as £30 per night.

Mini cruises: where to look for?

Almost every cruise line provides the option for mini cruises. However in the ever changing landscape of cruise, finding the list of all the cruises departing from your preferred port in your preferred period might be frustrating. For this reason, you should contact us and we will provide you with all the information with no obligation to book.

mini cruises

From the U.K. for example you can tour the British Isles, visit Ireland, go to the North of France, go to Bruges or Hamburg, visit the North of Spain or even go to Portugal: there are plenty of choices.

In addition, when you book a mini cruise with us you become part of the OWT club for free and you are entitled to a series of benefits:

  • Additional discounts on all the cruises: our discounts add up to the cruise line’s discounts
  • Free newsletters on the latest offers
  • Free magazine Oceans of Choice which give you extra discounts
  • Ongoing support with your booking up and beyond your return home
  • Extra services: car parking, excursions, hotels, cruise insurance and much more
  • Freebies when you send us photos or postcards from your cruise holiday