World cruises can be the ideal way to discover the world in a comfortable manner, on a cruise you can visit different countries in a short period of time. 

You can visit all the world without the need to pack your belongings. Your comfortable cabin is transformed into your home for the duration of your journey.  For a while all your world will be focused on the adventurous life on a ship, where everyday you can try out a new experience and see a different country.

In addition, on world cruises you get the chance to meet people and start true friendships.

The elegant and superior atmosphere of a cruise ship constitutes another advantage of the world discovery on a cruise: you have plenty of time to relax in SPAs, exercise in fitness centres, go to theatres, cinemas,  take a bathe in the swimming pools, and also enjoy one of the greatest pleasure of life: eating. The finest dishes and star rated chefs can be found on round the world cruises.

Remember also that you do not need to organise your own tranportation: you can easily travel without even realizing it and no need to worry about trains to catch, planes to embark.

Furthermore, learning the culture of the place, visiting historical sites and being fully immersed in the local lifestyle is made easy on world cruises:  you have the possibility to book excursions with professionals who will get to you a grasp of the local life. You do not need to organise your tickets for museums or attractions, guided tours and meals at restaurants, everything is ready to be enjoyed. However, if you prefer just sightseeing on your own, you can decide not to join any activities and feel free to experience locals as you prefer.

On world cruises you find the perfect compromise between a luxurious group trip and a luxury holiday on your own: You are free to choose when to be in one or another holiday.

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World cruises:  Around the World in 80 Days


World cruises allow you to discover the globe in a relative short time, you can select the duration according to your desire. As the well known Verne’s novel, Around the World in 80 Days suggests, it is possible to see the world on a cruise in 80 days and this trip would represent a rather sophisticated way to discover the world.

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How to choose world cruises? Here is a list of things to consider.

  • Duration: Not all world cruises involve the circumnavigation of the entire globe, therefore the duration may vary. Normally, a cruise to qualify as world cruise must be longer than 50 days.
  • Itinerary: Another thing to bear in mind is which places you want to explore  more than others, different cruises are intended to stop over for more days in some places so be ready with a list of priorities.
  • No-fly ocean cruising: Decide whether you like a totally no-fly cruise or you are up to embark on a plane to speed up your trip. You are able to see more destinations within the same days of cruising if you decide to take a flight. In fact, navigating the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans add on an average of 20 days at the sea!
  • Sector option: most cruise lines supply a sector option on their world cruises, this means that you can join a world cruise for a shorter time. There is an increasing number of people who choose this option, this is also a good way to test whether seeing the world from a cruise ship is the ideal experience for you.
  • Budget: world cruises are erroneously considered a very expensive way to see the world, but this is not true. In fact, you can depart on a round the world cruise from as little as per £80 per person per day and this includes your accommodation, meals and all the supplementary on board entertainments, activities and facilities.


World cruises: All the cruise lines

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